Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

My very FIRST one! (Random Stuff)

So...not so sure what to blog about! haha.....Though I am super excited that I have a 3 day weekend...woo hoo....Been thinking about everything that I would like to do with our home.....such a painting and decorating! We are trying to redo our bathroom....of course in OSU far we have an OSU shower curtain thanks to our soon to be sister-in-law...THANK YOU!....I am thinking of painting the walls a light grey and of course some decor., but I am up to some creative ideas...on the OSU theme! (FYI..our bathroom is not that big!)

...Does anyone know where a good place to get a dog (1 yr) trained? I NEED help! My dog is crazy! haha...might be my fault.....and he is VERY spoiled! Sometimes it is just hard to control him and it gets even worse when he doesn't listen to me and is a NIGHTMARE when Jason is not home to help me when Blaze is being crazy! Please let me know!!

.....I am super excited for October...a couple of things going on.....#1 I will have a new niece! Can't wait for her to get here...she's going to be beautiful...but my other niece is going to have to learn quick that she's not going to be the only "princess" under that's been the only child for about 2.5 yrs...she's 5 now....I hope she is going to adjust well though.....I hope that when we go down that we are the only ones there visiting...I don't want to "share her"

....And secondly I am having my 2nd Pampered Chef party!!! The first one went really well, I just hope that I have as good of an outcome or better as my 1st one!

Well, thats' going to be all for tonight...there may only be one post a too much exciting happens here...Just me, my hubby, and our dog!!